Monday 1 February 2010

Terrorism v road accidents

So as I exclusively predicted – well not exactly exclusively – the suspected war criminal Tony Blair ran rings around the Labour stooges whose unhappy task it is to exonerate him and all others responsible for the Iraq disaster. (See my blog of Jan 28)

Now here’s a real exclusive, though. You remember that Labour raised the terror alert for the UK a few days ago to “severe”. Well I can reveal they are now going to raise the ROADS ALERT to “very, very tremendously severe - in fact, totally scary”.

The reason is that government statisticians have discovered that while 56 civilians have died in terrorist attacks in the UK over the last four years, the number killed in road accidents is just short of 12,000! That means you are about 215 times more likely to be killed travelling on or crossing the roads than in a terrorist attack. Be afraid, be very afraid.

Btw – what is the terrorist alert level in “liberated” Iraq? Today, another 40 people were murdered – Shia pilgrims blown to bits by a woman who had hidden her suicide bomb under her long black gown.

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  1. hey john very rightly said and very shocking figure road accidents ar edefinitely more hazardous than terrorist attacks, but we dont pay much heed to it do we? thanks to bloggers like you raising such issues i must say more and more people should visit your blog and i 'd surrely recommend this page to my friends who drive their car and bikes recklessly