Monday, 13 April 2009

Labour anniversary + Indian massacre

It is 43 days since Labour’s deputy leader Harriet Harman announced on television that disgraced bank boss Sir Fred Goodwin would not be allowed to keep his £700,000 a year pension. The payment was “not going to happen.” The hapless Gordon Brown, she told us, had “said that it is not acceptable and therefore it will not be accepted.”

So what has Labour done in the six weeks that have elapsed since to keep their promise to the British people? Er, can’t think of anything offhand. Maybe they’ve just been too busy making up lies to try to smear opposition politicians.

On this day.....90 years ago, British soldiers opened fire on unarmed Indian demonstrators in the Jallianwala garden in Amritsar. The shooting went on for ten minutes, and at the end of it, according to official figures, 379 men, women and children lay dead, though some estimates put the real total at more than 1,000.

The officer in command, Brigadier-General Reginald Dwyer, was officially censured and resigned from the army, though the House of Lords passed a motion praising his conduct, and an appeal run by a British newspaper for him raised £30,000.


  1. One thing that's guaranteed to irritate me beyond almost anything I can think of, is a picture of a nasty, twerpy little scumbag spin doctor, or as Charlie Brooker (the Sam Johnson de nos jours) would probably have it, pissweasel. What is so predictable about this farcical but degrading episode, apart from the dumb insolence of the feigned "who he?" school of creepiness, is the bland disregard for the genuine public distaste that the beige Brown-ites are too thick to acknowledge.

    So they show their contempt for the poor bloody electorate by more shrill pleading to draw a line, move on, we've got the economy to save.

    I can't avoid a persistant Spitting mental Image of Gordon nodding silent assent to one his Filth Commandos at some tepid function or other. Nixonesque, in a way.

    Jesus, It's enough to make you vomit bone marrow.

  2. Yup, Labour can't do anything about Sir Fred's 13 grand a week, but alcoholics living it up on 60 quid - let's stop their benefit! Saw that James Purnell on the tele - is he a MINISTER !?!?

    I remember in the early nineties meeting one or two of the "thinkers" involved in transforming the Labour party into Nu-Labour. I was struck by their hardness, the feeling that - like the uninvited guest to the Monty Python (Meaning of Life?) dinner party, they were not of this world, and the clear impression that they had the most right wing attitudes I had ever come across. Even these sobering thoughts, though, were not enough to prepare me for the dread spectacle of Labour in prolonged power.