Saturday 6 June 2009

The Last Days of Labour - a manifesto

By this time next year, the UK will have had to have had a general election. For Labour to avoid defeat will require take the biggest turnaround in British electoral history. This lot shows not the slightest sign of being up to it. We must, therefore, assume these are the last days of Labour. Few governments were blessed with so much good will at the start, and what did we end up with? Iraq, the construction of a police state, national bankruptcy, and a political culture based on lies and corruption.

So here is a programme for the next year to restore some honour to the name that once graced a great political party:

“We the Labour Party in Parliament would like to apologise for the many disappointments we have caused you. We know that it is very late, but we wish to make what amends we can in the time we have left. This our programme for the next year:-

1. A completely elected upper house of Parliament
2. Proportional representation for the House of Commons
3. Dropping of Identity Cards
4. Restoration of a progressive tax system so that the richest pay the highest rate
5. All Parliamentary select committees to be elected by secret ballot
6. An immediate full, public and INDEPENDENT inquiry into the Iraq War and its origins
7. Repeal of all legislation stripping you of your civil rights
8. The referendum on the Lisbon Treaty that we promised
9. A written constitution”

Labour MP’s – for once in your lives, just do the right thing. What have you got to lose?

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