Friday, 10 February 2017

Brexitwatch: Don't endorse David Cameron

Who is more to blame for Brexit? Theresa May or David Cameron? It is certainly true that May's pursuit of the most extreme and destructive form of Brexit in order to keep the Tory Party together is irresponsible and disgraceful, but surely Mr Cameron is even more culpable.

Crime 1. To try to keep the Tory Party together, he was prepared to risk the future of his country. And he created a referendum loaded heavily in favour of the Leave faction. But at least he promised that whatever the outcome, he would stay in power to deal with it.

Crime 2. Instead, within hours, he had announced his resignation, leaving others to clear up the mess he had made.

Now Alzheimer's Research UK have made Mr Cameron their president. I consider it an insult to the people of the UK to endorse him in this way, and have written to protest:

Ms Hilary Evans,
Chief Executive,
Alzheimer’s Research UK,
3, Granta Park,
Cambridge CB21 6AD.

Dear Ms Evans,

I was horrified to discover that you have appointed David Cameron as your president.

When he was Prime Minister, Mr Cameron devised a thoroughly irresponsible referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU. He did this as a shabby manoeuvre to keep his party together without concerning himself with the effect it would have on his country.

The referendum caused deep divisions within our country, racism, xenophobia, violence and threats of violence against many people, and an outcome that is likely to make people poorer, especially those who are already poor, and to cause public services, such as the NHS and social care tor the elderly, to face completely inadequate funding.

Before the vote, Mr Cameron had promised to stay on as Prime Minister whatever the result. Instead, within hours, he resigned, abandoning his country to its fate, and leaving others to try to clean up the mess he had created.

This conduct falls below the standard you should expect in someone holding the office of your president, and I trust you will sever your links with Mr Cameron without delay.

Yours sincerely,

John Withington

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