Wednesday 22 April 2020

Coronavirus: renewed interest in the historical perspective

Is it the coronavirus epidemic that has stirred up renewed interest in my book A Disastrous History of the World (Little, Brown), which appeared in the US as Disaster! (Skyhorse)?

A Mexican blog has been drawing on the sections on the early plagues of Athens, Rome and Byzantium, quoting the Spanish language edition – Historia mundial de los desastres (Turner).

This Romanian blogger concentrates on the chapters on plagues and diseases – discussing, among others, smallpox, cholera, typhus, malaria, sleeping sickness and flu.

While this Romanian article covers what I wrote about the great European famine that occurred during the ‘Little Ice Age’ of the early 14th century, and killed, according to some, up to a quarter of the population.

 The Romanian language edition of the book is Cele mai mari dezastre din istoria omenirii (Polirom).

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