Monday, 20 June 2016

Brexitwatch: what Boris Johnson really thinks about the EU - 2

During the UK’s referendum campaign, the Remain camp have argued very strongly that one of the EU’s greatest achievements has been to make war between its member countries unthinkable. If you look at Europe’s history, the normal state of the continent since the dawn of recorded history is not peace, but war.

I am very grateful for the EU’s peace-keeping achievement. My father and grandfather both had to go to war in Europe. My son and I have not had to.

The Leave campaign have tried to dismiss this achievement, with Boris Johnson comparing the EU to Hitler. But in the past, Johnson admitted that to save us fighting any more wars in Europe, we need to be ‘intimately engaged in the doings of a continent that has a grim 20th-century history, and whose agonies have caused millions of Britons to lose their lives.’

How disgraceful to change sides and risk the peace of Europe just because he thinks it will help him become Prime Minister.

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