Saturday, 11 June 2016

Europe: stay or leave? Focus on fact - 10

Today’s fact: My father and grandfather both had to go to war in Europe. My son and I have not had to go to war in Europe. I am very grateful.

The greatest achievement of the EU is surely that it has made war in most of Europe unthinkable. When you remember that more than 450,000 British people were killed in World War Two, and about 750,000 in World War One, while millions more were injured, and millions more lost their homes, it is odd that nobody seems to care about this.

Perhaps people in Britain now just take peace in Europe for granted. That is very, very foolish. The peaceful years since the founding of the EU are actually a glaring exception in Europe’s history. Before that, since the dawn of time, the continent’s history has been dominated by virtually unrelieved war.

What is particularly worrying about the anti-Europeans, is that they do not just want to leave the EU, they want to destroy the organisation and make everyone else leave too.

But even if that happened, in this day and age you could not get, say, ten years of war, with mass rape and murder, atrocities on all sides, hundreds of thousands driven from their homes, could you? No? Ever heard of Yugoslavia?

However much you hate immigration, is this a price worth paying to reduce it? War is hell. Keep it out of Europe. Vote Stay.

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