Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Brexitwatch: What Boris Johnson really thinks about the EU - 3

A few months ago Boris Johnson did an interview with Der Spiegel. He was asked what would happen if we voted to leave the EU and he replied: 'The Foreign Office, the German Foreign Ministry and everybody else would get together and invent a series of bilateral deals and virtually reconstruct the relationship.'

'There would be several disadvantages. First, we wouldn't be able to stick up for what we believe in. Secondly, we would face some penalties. And then there is the Scottish factor. If we get out, what happens in Scotland?'

So let me get this right, Boris? If we leave Europe, we spend huge amounts of time, money, and effort getting back to something not as good as what we have at the moment, during which time, we lose Scotland and our economy goes down the pan.

Why don't we just Vote Remain?

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